About us

Denizli Caner Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. started its activities as a small Leaf Springs repair workshop with the trademark Istanbul Oto Makas in Denizli, in 1962. We started to sell wholesale Leaf Springs and Leaf Springs Components in 1980.

We are adopting the “Service First” philosophy, and to deliver excellent customer service, we have been expanding our product range every year and striving to meet all of our customers' needs. Accordingly, in 1990 Shock Absorber, in 1997 Wheel Bolts, in 2001 Air Springs, in 2006 Brake Drums and Brake Discs and finally in 2007 Engine and Transmission Parts were added to our product range. First, we have been operating in the Aegean region and its surroundings and then throughout all Turkey, after a while, our company became well known and one of the leading Automotive Spare Parts suppliers in Turkey. Then, our company changed its name to Denizli Caner Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. and relocated to a new 700 m2 facility on December 12, 2009.

Believing that we have successfully passed through all these phases, we launched “kamyonyedekparca.com” in 2010, trusting our 49 years of service and sales experience with 25 brands, over 8000+ product range and approximately 195.000 units.

We reached over 1.000 tones of Leaf Springs and 200.000 Spare Parts in our stock and became the leader of Truck Spare Parts suppliers in Turkey in 2016. Our Trademark changed to “Caner Group” and we moved to a 4.000 m2 new facility and we founded the “TruckTurk” brand to serve globally.

Truckturk aims to offer the right product, at the right price with the best quality and the shortest delivery time.

Truckturk product range consists of Engine Parts, Suspension Parts, Cabin to Axle Systems, Brake Systems, and Chassis Parts. Today we are operating worldwide, in 20 countries on 4 continent swith 20,000 types of products and over 200,000 units in stock.

Customers can check Spare Parts catalogs for all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles and find OEM numbers, dimensions and other details for Leaf Springs, Leaf SpringsComponents, Air Springs, Shock Absorbers, Brake drums, Brake discs, Wheel Hubs, Wheel Bolts, Body Parts, and many other products on “truckturk.com”.

We provide international EAN barcode labels on our boxes, therefore, our products are reliable and easy to sell safely all around the World.

In Truckturk, R&D will always remain our priority, we are continuously developing new products and striving to offer the best customer service.

Caner Group founded trucksparepart.com in 2017 to meet global customers’ expectations. Trucksparepart.com offers Supplier Research, Production Inspection, Quality Control, Packaging, Warehouse Services, Shipping Solutions, etc. The purpose of Trucksparepart is to provide the right spare parts at affordable prices, with short delivery time and with high-quality standards.

We will, without doubt, continue to be a leading company, keep on growing and following-up all innovations in Automotive Spare Parts.

Stay with us.